This campaign zeroes in on the golfer demographic — promoting Lipton iced tea as the ideal beverage to sip during a round of golf. And for those days when mother nature sends golfers inside, Lipton hot tea is the move.

(Note: For those unfamiliar with golf terminology, I’ve added some annotations to help you consume each piece from the target demo’s perspective.)


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Some puns are almost too perfect. In golf, most courses require a reservation. The specified time at which the round is scheduled to begin is called a “tee time.” Perfect billboard material to place nearby busy golf courses — inviting golfers to make their next tee time a tea time.

Rain can turn an enjoyable tee time into a buzzkill real quick. This piece is designed to keep those feelings at bay, as Lipton invites golfers to move their tea time indoors. Plus, they can be extremely selective with placement — targeting busy golf courses in areas with frequent rainfall. States like Washington, Oregon, and Florida are worth a look.


A collection of one-liners designed to promote Lipton Green Tea Citrus. Prime ad material for a medium like the Golfer’s Digest. Perfect signage to hang inside clubhouses as well.

Once again, this pun is gold. Had to make a print version.

Tee times are pure bliss for the avid golfer. This piece tickles that soft spot — inviting golfers to make that special feeling even better by making each tee time a tea time.

If someone shot a poor round of golf, you might hear them say, “I couldn’t hit any greens.” In short, this piece implies that drinking more Lipton can improve your score.

For those who live under a rock, an Arnold Palmer is a drink (half iced tea, half lemonade) named after former professional golfer, Arnold Palmer.

This one’s simple. When a golfer drinks Lipton, he/she gets to experience the joys of an improved drink, as well as improved performance on the course.

The Masters is, arguably, the most prestigious tournament in professional golf. What does the winner get? A green jacket. (Trust me, it’s highly coveted amongst the golf community.)

This piece puts a twist on the classic saying, “See it. Believe it. Achieve it.” (As noted, hitting the “green” is within best interest.)

From novice to professional, lessons are commonplace for golfers across all skill levels. As this piece indicates, Lipton offers an easier solution.

Shortly cut grass that leads up to the green is called the “fairway.” Hitting the ball straight onto the fairway requires focus. And that’s where Lipton comes in — not only does Lipton Green Tea Citrus offer great taste, it also provides the benefits of caffeine from green tea leaves.

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