Cliche Message All Young Adults Should Take Seriously

by | Jun 13, 2017

Don’t get caught up trying to fit in, because one day you’ll realize that none of it mattered.

All of us have heard some form of this cliche message during our young adulthood — most likely during our teen years. And for me personally, I honestly couldn’t name a particular individual that relayed this message to me; but why is that?

How is it possible that we cannot recall who said the message, yet we’re able to recall the message itself?

I understand I’m not speaking for everyone, but for those who can relate — this cliche message hardly phases us when we first hear it.

Focus on YOU.

It sounds obvious now, and it sounded obvious in high school, too. And for any high school [or younger] students reading this; please don’t take this cliche message for granted. Trying to fit in with your peers is a waste of your precious time.

As a 23-year-old who just finished college, life has taught me this simple, cliche message is something all of us should take seriously.

And sure, I knew this message was spot on as a 15-year-old. I knew that learning who I was, and following my intuition was within my best interest. However, it didn’t phase me for some reason. It’s almost as if I was subconsciously following my peers.

Again, I understand I may not speak for everyone on this, but I have no trouble sharing that I was caught up in trying to fit in as I was growing up. It’s funny how twisted that sounds to me right now.

Nobody cares if you were popular, and nobody cares who you were friends with.

My friends, knowing who you are is the only thing that matters. I implore all who are reading this to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, who am I? If you feel in tune with yourself, and you’re able to state who you are with confidence — wonderful — keep doing you. But for those who feel lost, now it’s time to ask, why?

The hard truth is that you’re worried about what other people think and/or you’re following a crowd. Don’t worry, though. I believe the reason many of us follow our peers as teens or young adults is because we’re lost. As humans, we’re vulnerable to peer pressure when we aren’t in tune with ourselves.

The best way to find yourself is to disconnect from the pack.

Take this message for what it’s worth. The reason I’m sharing these thoughts is because I want everyone to experience the way I feel each day — waking up with pure excitement running through my veins. And the crazy part is that I don’t know who the hell I am yet, but it sure feels wonderful knowing that I’m no longer wasting my time trying to fit in somewhere.

Are you trying to fit in somewhere?

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