Greetings ­čÖé

Mitch Fodstad

Name’s Mitch.

Hi there, I’m Mitch Fodstad. People call me Fod.

Professionally, I’m a copywriter. People pay me to write words.


Freelancing. (NDA for current project, otherwise I’d say something neat.) Plus I’m on the prowl for a full-time gig — hoping to find an agency to call home. To whom it may concern, here’s my resume.

Five things.

First of all, using the word ‘things’ and not being criticized for it, that’s why copywriting makes me smile. If it sounds good, it sounds good.┬áThere’s a time for sophistication, and there’s a time for simple. Respect the medium, but don’t fight the vibe.

Anyways, back to those things.

All sorts of things fascinate me. Jellyfish. Typography. Stock market trends. Bot culture. Deep sea exploration. You know, things of that nature. But in most cases, it ebbs and flows. Five things remain constant, however.

Aside from family, friends, water, and copywriting — these five things hold a special place in my heart (in no particular order): Peanut butter. A good podcast. Classical music. The Minnesota Vikings. Yellow.

Keep in touch.

Hey, thanks for stopping by my internet home — you’re always welcome to come back. In the meantime, you can find me here: Twitter. LinkedIn. Medium.

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